Stay cool and warm all year round with our split air conditioner installs!

We'll supply and install a high quality Mitsubishi HI Reverse Cycle Split Air Conditioner for the following prices:

2kw: $1,150 + GST

2.5kw: $1,250 + GST
5kw: $1,865 + GST

7kw: $2,199 + GST


  • Back to back install on a single storey house with an accessible roof space

  • Outdoor unit installed on the ground

  • 3M of copper

  • 15M of electrical

  • 5kw and 7kw includes separate circuit back to your switchboard

  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

For quotes on larger or different branded air cons, please contact us. 


ARC Authorised: Refrigerant handing license number L147033

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