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So you are thinking of purchasing a second hand air conditioner,

or maybe you have received one for free.


This air conditioner could have been removed from a house that Is being demolished or renovated. Maybe the old air conditioner has been upgraded to the newest and greatest. The owner is hoping to sell the old to offset the cost of the new air conditioner they have just installed.


Split system air conditioners are not designed to be removed after they have been installed! You might not know the history of this air conditioner. You cannot even test if it’s working. If the air conditioner was removed because of any upgrade, it probably wasn’t working as efficiently as it should of. The owner likely wanted a newer model with new technology, with R32 refrigerant which is more energy efficient. Even if the split system was removed by a qualified refrigeration mechanic you have no guarantee this second hand air conditioner will work once re installed, will work efficiently, or will even last past 12 months. 

Do you feel lucky?


Even if the air conditioner works once installed, there is a high chance there will be noticeable flaws, noisy fans, low gas pressure. If you’re lucky the air con may work well once installed and cool the attended room perfectly. What happens after 6 months, the air con may stop cooling completely, or won't turn on. You have just spent $700 (price example) on installation for an air conditioner with absolutely no warranty!

Air conditioners are not a product to purchase second hand to save some cash, they could end up costing you a lot more in the long run. It’s a different situation with buying a second-hand fridge, microwave or TV, you can test these before purchasing and do not need to pay a qualified tradesperson to install it for you. These second-hand items are also less risky, because split systems have complicated moving parts, they are designed to be installed once. To remove and decommission an air conditioner, then reinstall there is chance it will never work as well again, especially if the product is out of it’s 5 year warranty. If the air conditioner is removed before its standard 5 year warranty, this warranty is automatically void, as warranty is only covered for the first installation address.

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You will receive zero warranty from any installer who installs the system for you. But you will still be liable to pay for their material and labour charge. Which won’t be cheap, the installation cost will be more compared to a brand new air con, as it’s more difficult to install a second-hand air conditioner. 


Our company does not install second-hand split systems, we refuse to install any product without a valid warranty. From a business perspective, it’s very risky for us to install a product that may not work well or even at all once installed. We understand that a customer would not want to pay for our services if the air con did not work after installation. So, it’s not worth the risk of us taking on.


Count the possible costs:

Get used air-con, possibly for free. But let's say you buy off Marketplace for $150

Pay to have used air-con installed $1000 (example cost)

Used air con works. Needs to be regassed - $280

Used air-con, needs further maintenance and service - $200

Next summer rolls around, air-con no longer cools

Quote to supply and install new air con - $1650 

Cost to now remove used air con you paid $1000 to install - $150

Cost of installing second hand $150 + $1000 + $280 + $200 + $1650 + $150 = $3430

Cost if you installed new, to begin with = $1650


All costs are for example purposes only and don’t reflect on actual costings. Prices can vary greatly depending on your specific requirements. The example is for a standard 2.5kw back to back installation. 


Simply put, why risk installing a second-hand air conditioner to save a few hundred dollars.

Risk certainly out ways the reward.

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J & C Electrical Contracting can remove and organise recycling of your old air conditioner, to ensure it’s disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. With refrigerant being toxic to the environment this is a necessity


ARC Authorised: Refrigerant handling license number L147033

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